Contrails = Aviation Smog.

‘Are there any anti-CONTRAIL groups?’ was the title of a discussion that Ray von Geezer started on 30 September 2014 on in the section ‘Open Discussion’. He wrote:
“Are there any groups who campaign against contrails rather than chemtrails? It’s something I’ve wondered about for some time but never found any evidence of, although recently I have noticed some chemtrail groups saying things like “regardless of whether you believe they’re deliberately spraying chemicals or not you should see these ugly trails are a problem”. [..] So, has anyone ever seen a group who simply just complained that otherwise clear skies were being visually “spoilt” by contrails without invoking “chemtrails”? ”
I wrote:
“Contrary to what you suggest, the main focus of my websites and is not juston the visual impact of contrails, although it appals me ‘that otherwise clear skies are being visually spoilt (without hyphens) by contrails’ .

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Publiek debat in Amstelveen, 2015-3.

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