'Ondertussen .. ' (Noam Chomsky & Ilan Pappé, 'Gaza in crisis'.)

Meanwhile, the reality in the occupied territories changed as well – the settlement project expanded to such proportions that it simply accentuated the humilating nature of the new Israeli proposal for peace. [..]

The expansion of Israeli settlements, the enclaving of Palestinian ‘autonomous’ areas within the settlements, military bases, and highways were not combined with any solution for Jerusalem or the refugee problem. [..]

The new prescription was a lasting peace based on a Palestinian state stretching over 12 percent of historical Palestine, with no real sovereignty or economic independence and, of course, with no solution for the fate of Jerusalem or the refugee problem.

Again, the developing reality on the ground was grimmer than the words on pages. Gaza became a huge prison camp, bombarded and starved, with American official and civil society alike blindly standing by. But, who knows, they may still find a Palestinian who will call it an acceptable solution.”

(Uit: Noam Chomsky & Ilan Pappé, ‘Gaza in crisis’, 2010, pag 53 – 55)

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